Bridging open work permit

Bridging open work permit is a great initiate it taken by IRCC. It helps permanent residence applicants applying from within Canada to remain in Canada when their work permit expires. It extends the work permit so that they can continue working while awaiting a decision on their permanent residency application. Is a way to bridge the gap between the expiry of current work permit and the decision on the application for permanent residence.


  • Applicant must be currently in Canada.
  • Valid status on the work permit which is going to expire in four months.
  • Must have applied for a permanent residence under one of the following: express entry, provincial nominee program, home child care provider pilot or home support worker pilot, caring for children class or caring for people with high medical needs or agri-food pilot.
  • Applicant must be the primary applicant on the permanent resident application.
  • Applicant application for permanent residence must be complete. If the application is not complete BOWP will be rejected
  • Usually, one of these is attached as proof of pr application submission an acknowledgement of receipt from IRCC, letter of support from the province that nominated the applicant and copy of the nomination certificate.

Note: Applicants for immigrating to Quebec are not eligible for BOWP

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