LMIA Based Work Permit

Temporary foreign worker program provides Lmia based work permit. The motive behind a positive Lmia is to prove that no Canadian citizens or permanent residents are ready, willing, and able to perform the duties outlined in the job description. It is processed by ESDC.

Key point of Lmia

  • Usually, an advertising the position is required for at least 30 days.
  • Application fee of $1000 is paid by the employer (Fee exempt for PR supporting LMIA’s).
  • Employer must show proof that they tried their best to hire Canadian Citizens or permanent residents.
  • It’s a positive LMIA is Received the applicant applies to IRCC for a work permit.
  • The work permit is employer specific which means the TFW can only work for the employer specified on the work permit form whom the positive LMIA was received.
  • The temporary foreign worker program relies on the cooperation of 3Keybdepartment which are ESDC for conducting employer compliance reviews and determining LMIA, IRCC for processing applications and CBSA for conducting port of entry examinations and admitting foreign nationals.

Professional fee for LMIA application: Starts from $2500.

Permanent residence for TFW

Many temporary foreign workers would like to settle in Canada permanently. Depending on the situation they may be able to transition to Canadian permanent residence. Usually, one year of skilled employment is necessary to qualify under Canadian experience class, federal skilled worker program or other provincial nominee programs. Once this employment is completed, temporary foreign workers can go through express entry or provincial nominee programs as suitable to the individual circumstances.

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