Spouse open work permit

It can be very challenging to be away from your partner. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may authorize your partner to accompany you to Canada if you come as an international student. For up to date information and check your eligibility, please contact our team or refer to IRCC website.

  • Student must have a valid study permit.
  • They are enrolled full time at an eligible DLI.

If International student is on a post graduate work permit (PGWP) they can also submit an open work permit application for their spouse or common law partner.

Spouse is eligible to apply for an open work permit under labor market impact assessment exemption code c41 if the principal for a worker (PGWP):

  • Holds a work permit that is valid for at least 6 months.
  • Is employed in an occupation that falls under NOC 0, A or B.

Apart from the above condition’s applicants

  • Must satisfy the Immigration Officer, that, their marriage, or relationship is genuine. To prove this, applicants can include marriage photographs, joint bank accounts and other supporting documents.
  • Show strong ties to home country, to prove immigration officer that you will return to home country once your work permit expires.

Professional fee for initial application: $1,600 and up.
Professional fee for extensions: $500 and up.

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