Study Visa

Student Visa

International students who wants to study at designated learning institutions in Canada must apply for study permit to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada. We can help International students securing admission in Canadian colleges or universities. We do one-on-one consultation with International students and help them getting their desired college or university.

Eligibility criteria:

Required documentation may change depending on which country you are applying from.
Following documentation may apply to your case:

  • Letter of acceptance from designated learning institution.
  • Must not be inadmissible for medical or security reasons.
  • Satisfy immigration officer that you will leave Canada when your study permit expires, or you will not stay in Canada illegally.
  • Proof of paid tuition fees for first year of study. (Student Direct Stream)
  • Minimum 6.0. (Student Direct Stream only)
  • Have GIC.
  • Biometrics.

Procedure to obtain a study visa can be complicated. Thus, we help our clients in each step of the crucial process.

Study permit refusal:

We could help you if you faced a refusal on your study permit. Refusal can be based on any reason if Immigration officer believes that.

1. Applicant will not leave Canada at the expiry of status and will stay in Canada illegally.
2. Study program is not related to applicants academic or work experience background.
3. Not fulfilling the minimum requirement of the student stream applied under. 

We at Bright Edge Immigration Services, carefully understand the reason of refusal by a visa officer. We can submit the new application by addressing all the issues raised by Visa officer to maximize visa chances for our client.

Work for International students:

International students who are enrolled full-time can work without a work permit given the following conditions:

  • Students are eligible to work 20 hours per week during regular semesters.
  • Students can work full-time during scheduled breaks such as winter or summer holidays.
  • Note: Most international students cannot work when they are enrolled part-time during an academic semester or if they are taking unscheduled break.

    Work permit for Co-op:

    Some programs at designated learning institutions require a co-op or internship as an essential part of their posters can be academic vocational or professional training program. In those situations, International students will require a co-op work permit. In most of the cases, it is
    applied at the same time when international student applies for study permit initially.

    Our expert team provides detailed, best advice to our International students. From the initial documentation to the final process our team is there to help you. We are committed to provide you with even the minute details so that you face no issues throughout the entire process.

    Professional fee for initial application from India: $1000 and up.
    Professional fee for refused cases : $1,500 and up.

    Convert your status from Visitor to Student Visa

    If you are in side Canada on visitor and wants to study in Canada then best option would be to apply Study permit from Inside Canada. We can help you to get your admission in top DLI institutions inside Canada. After admission, our Consultant can guide you further about documentation to launch error free study permit application from within Canada. You do not need to leave Canada to apply for study permit. For some cases, there is NO need for IELTS/PTE exam. For more details, contact one of the best immigration consultant – Bright Edge Immigration Services.

    Professional fee for study permit from visitor: $1,000 and up.

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