Key Points for TR TO PR Pathway

One day in April, Canadian residents waiting patiently for snow to go away and spring to bloom. Boom! Canadian Immigration launched TR TO PR pathway. The goal is to acknowledge health care workers, non health care essential workers, and international students. This has been one of the easiest pathways to gain permanent residency. It is because of the low requirements of this program. As a results of Covid border restrictions, Canadian government has been focusing on inland applicants. TR to PR pathway is a great way of becoming PR of Canada, but who is eligible?

Streams under TR To PR

  1. Health care workers in eligible NOC occupations. Visit to know if your work experience is eligible.
  2. Workers in Canada in Non-Health care occupations. Visit
  3. International Graduate Category: Graduates from Canadian post secondary institutions are eligible under this stream.
  4. French Speaking health care workers, non health care occupations and international graduates have different streams to apply.

Common Features of all streams

For all these streams, there are some key common features. Firstly, you must be eligible in one of the above streams. Secondly, you must have the language proficiency results. Thirdly, you must be employed (part time or full time). Last but not the least, You must be in Canada. Because of all this, TR TO PR is one of the easiest pathways in acquiring PR. Moreover, CIC will process these applications in a timely manner.

Are you eligible?

Are you confused if you are eligible in these programs? Do you have difficulty in filling out the forms? You can contact our team Bright Edge Immigration at 780-777-4343 or 780-904-0100 Bright Edge is located at 2607 Ellwood Drive SW, Edmonton. We will make sure that we answer all your questions. We are here to serve you and assist you. You can also email us at Moreover, we are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Follow us on social media.