Why should you choose Canada?

Canada is one of the top priorities for international students around the globe for higher education. Canada not only provides a world-class education but also Canada has been ranked 1st for quality of life. There are a lot of benefits for international students studying in Canada such as work options during their studies, living in welcoming multicultural communities, a career and a future in Canada, permanent residency options for international students, open work permit for the spouse, and study permit for dependent children, a wide range of affordable education options including public and private universities.

Canada is known for its friendly behavior. It welcomes everyone regardless of race, color, and nationality and this is one of the top reasons to choose Canada.

It doesn’t only want international students to study in Canada but to make it their permanent homes. Canada offers a variety of programs for international students to settle permanently through Express entry, AIPP, and Provincial Nominee Programs. Recently, the Canadian Government announced a new TR to PR Pathway for international students on May 6, 2021. This pathway accepted 30,000 applications for international students to apply for permanent residency. Not only that once eligible, but they can also sponsor their family members from back home. Some of the international students can achieve valuable study-related experience through co-op options. 

During Covid-19 Canadian government helped everybody financially everyone who was eligible whether they are Canadian Citizens or temporary residents. Where other countries did not allow international students to enter in their country during a pandemic because of their travel restrictions but Canada started allowing international students to come and pursue their studies. All we can say if you are planning on studying abroad think no further than Canada. Give us a call at 780-777-4343 or 780-904-0100 https://brightedgeimmigration.com/case-types/study-permit/ and we will help you achieve your goals